A hero is the one who helps. Brave is the one who is by your side

For the third year in a row, the Favor Foundation has held the traditional charity marathon “BRIGHT DAYS FOR GOOD DEEDS” at the end of November. This year, the goal of the marathon is to support the residents of Kharkiv.

Kharkiv is a city of strong and courageous people. Daily airstrikes. Constant blackouts. Danger, stress and anxiety. Despite all the difficulties, many Kharkiv residents do not leave the city, because it is their home. Among them are the most vulnerable and socially unprotected layers of the population, who receive special care from local volunteers today. With care in our hearts, we also wish to support them.

If you join the marathon, together we will be able to buy foodstuffs so that single elderly people, who have no one to shelter them, and people with disabilities, for whom their home is the whole world, and for whom food is brought to their homes or hospitals, can enjoy a hot lunch every day. In addition, there are also homeless people, who come to the hot food distribution point in order to hold on for another day, eat and warm up.

If you help, the raised funds will be used to purchase water and food containers and thermoses, as well as stoves, so that all these people can survive the winter and be sure they can count on at least a portion of hot food from good people.


In order to support the MARATHON OF GOOD DEEDS and the people of Kharkiv, press the HELP button on our website.

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