Dnipro: food has been delivered to the refectory!

One does not need to be a multimillionaire or look at the world from the covers of glossy magazines to feel happy. Helping those in need is much more awesome than all the money in the world in one pocket! Dear friends, you are amazing! With your concern and support you prove every time that happiness is in simple things – in the good deeds we do together! 

This time, our attention is pinned to the refectory of the Holy Dormition Cathedral of the UOC in Dnipro, where homeless people, pensioners, the disabled, and with the outbreak of the war also internally displaced persons, who evacuated to Dnipro en masse, receive hot lunches.

The Favor Foundation, within the framework of the Love Wins mission, purchased and delivered 100 kg of potatoes, 111 kg of beets, 110 kg of carrots, 110 kg of onions, 116 kg of tomatoes to prepare hot meals for the needy to the refectory! But together with the food we gave a share of our love and care! 

However, the number of people who need help is constantly growing. So, join the Love Wins mission, and together we will support people who are on the verge of survival because of the war!

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