Dnipro: render a helping hand – feed the hungry!

Today, every family tries to make a strategic stockpile of basic foodstuffs in case of unforeseen circumstances. However, for the retired, disabled, and people who do not have a permanent place of residence, or who lost it because of the war, it is a daily struggle for survival. For some of them, hot lunches from volunteers are the only way to have something to eat. 

The Favor Foundation supports projects aimed at helping people in plight. The Holy Dormition Cathedral of the UOC in Dnipro is precisely the “luminous islet” in the city center, where more than 300 people in need turn for regular help. For five years now, the refectory of the cathedral has been providing nourishment to the homeless, supplying them with clothing, hygiene products, and taking care of the sick. Moreover, with the beginning of the war, the ranks of those in need were replenished with forced migrants, who were welcomed by Dnipro city.

The volunteers of the Holy Dormition Cathedral have a good tradition – every Sunday they set up a field kitchen near the cathedral and cook dinner. In addition, after the Liturgy, the needy parishioners line up, and everyone gets a plate filled to the brim with a smoky dinner. Everyone is sure to enjoy such a dish outdoors. This is a special meal, which is shared by seventy to two hundred people. They thank God, cooks, and then leave, recalling about food only in the evening.

The joy of a person, who feels a little better, warmer and more satisfied, warms another person’s soul. We really need each other: those who feed and those who are fed!

Since the number of those in need of food in the refectory of the Dormition Cathedral is growing, the volume of food purchases is also increasing. WE APPEAL to all those who care FOR HELP TO BUY FOODS for the refectory of the Holy Dormition Cathedral of the UOC in Dnipro, which will enable to prepare tasty meals for those in need in the future.

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