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Chernihiv Central Regional Hospital

It has been operating since 1957 as a central medical institution for serving residents of the Chernihiv region. It is located in the environs of Chernihiv city.

In March 2022, the front line crossed precisely the territory of the hospital. The siege of the city lasted for forty days. There was no gas, electricity, water, and communications. The hospital departments were bombarded and exposed to missile attacks and mortar fire.

During the hostilities, there were more than 300 people in the bomb shelter of the hospital – these were doctors and medical personnel, patients, wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and residents of the nearby villages, whose houses had been destroyed. Two babies were born in the basement under shelling and airstrikes. Owing to the professional work of the personnel, there were no casualties among the sick and wounded during the siege. 

In May 2022, the foundation installed new windows in intensive care units and the operating block.

Outpatient departments, an infectious diseases department, a laboratory building, an oxygen station were heavily damaged, 300 windows were shattered. The hospital is in need of major repairs and restoration of treatment facilities.

VIDEO: about the doctors and medical staff of the Chernihiv hospital, who for forty days, along with patients and wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, were under fire, saved and gave lives. Interviews and memories of doctors about the days of the siege. Also, about the installed new windows, thanks to which the intensive care unit resumed its work and began the reception of patients.

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