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Results of the Christmas video contest “Festive Blogger”

Congratulations to the winners of the All-Ukrainian Children’s Video Contest FESTIVE BLOGGER for Sunday schools of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church!

“Festive blogger” is a story about how parishes in different parts of Ukraine celebrate Orthodox winter holidays. How a joyful, cheerful and sonorous carol sounds from east to west, from south to north. How children celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. Divine services, Christmas traditions, processions with the cross, incredible nativity scenes, amazing carols, bright Christmas trees and good deeds – this is what a real Christmas in childhood is like.

From December 19, 2020 to February 1, 2021, 26 Sunday schools of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from 11 dioceses sent their Christmas video stories to participate in the contest.

The works of the participants were evaluated by the professional jury consisting of:

Vasyliy Kiba – the head of the competition jury, general producer of the Zorianyi TV channel, actor, director of the Knights of the 20th Century, Kyiv Jerusalem, Pochaiv films.

Andriy Radniuk – the director and screenwriter of the Secrets of My City video project.

Vitaliy Lebediv – a TV cameraman

Archpriest Volodymyr Kostochka – manager of the “Nasha Lepta” (Our Contribution – Trans. Note) charitable project.

Archpriest Oleksandr Sorokin – the head of the CF Favor



Sunday School of the church of St. Apostle Andrew the First-Called, Strumivka village of the Volyn Diocese with its Christ is Born video work. 


The Road of Good Sunday school of the Intercession church of the Petrodolynske village of the Odesa Diocese with its Christmas Miracle video work.


(the work that scored the highest number of likes from the spectators)

Sunday school of the Three Saints church of Lutsk city, Volyn Diocese, with its Nativity Scene video work.

The winners will receive a SONY action video camera as a gift from the CF Favor. We hope this gift will enable the Sunday schools to make an even more interesting and useful video content. All Sunday schools will be awarded with the Diploma of the Participant.

Video works can be viewed here.

The All-Ukrainian Children's Video Contest for Sunday schools of the UOC

New video contest for Sunday schools

FESTIVE BLOGGER – make a video report or a blog about the celebration of Orthodox winter holidays and get a gift! For example, how do you celebrate Christmas and other winter Orthodox holidays in your church or locality? What are the peculiarities and traditions of this celebration? What events are held at your church during these holidays? Perhaps it will be a report from a Sunday school performance or a festive worship service, or a video blog about a pilgrimage trip, carols, Epiphany, or an interesting informative lesson dedicated to one of the winter holidays.

The time for your creativity begins!


of the All-Ukrainian Children's Video Contest FESTIVE BLOGGER for Sunday schools of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Opening date: from December 19, 2020.

Date of results announcement: February 8, 2021.

Video submission period: from December 19, 2020 to February 1, 2021.

Venue: Kyiv city

Organizer: CF Favor

The purpose of the contest: Creation of children’s video content dedicated to Orthodox winter holidays and promotion of parochial Sunday schools.

1.1. The All-Ukrainian Children’s Video Contest “Festive Blogger” (hereinafter – the Contest) is a charitable, spiritual, educational and creative project. The Contest is held within the framework of the Statutory charitable activities of the Foundation and the implementation of the Enlightenment charitable program.

1.2. The Contest is organized for pupils and teachers of children’s Sunday schools operating on the basis of parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

1.3. The Contest is held in order to:

– support and popularize the work of Sunday schools;

– diversify the educational process;

– involve children in the parish life of their churches;

– ensure spiritual enlightenment among peers through the story about their faith;

– distribute video content as one of the means of children’s missionary work and preaching about the Church;

– identify and encourage young talents among Sunday school pupils.

1.4. The Organizer of the Contest is the charity organization Favor Charitable Foundation (hereinafter – the Organizer):

The Organizer:

– creates a working group to prepare the Contest;

– determines the conditions, terms and coordinates the Contest;

– determines the composition of the expert jury of the Contest;

– provides its Internet resources for the Contest;

– ensures announcement and coverage of the Contest and its results in the mass media;

– involves other public and charitable organizations in the Contest.

– can make amendments to these Rules.

1.5. Sunday schools operating on the basis of temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (hereinafter – the Participants) have the right to participate in the Contest.

1.6. The subject of the Contest is a video work filmed by the Participants (hereinafter referred to as the video).

1.7. The Contest can be financed via charitable contributions, sponsorship and other incomes that are not prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.8. Participants take part in the Contest free of charge.

1.9. These Rules regulate the procedure of the Contest.

2.1. Participants of the Contest – Sunday schools, viz. pupils together with teachers and parents are invited to make a short video on the topic announced by the Organizer.

2.2. The topic of the Contest is Festive Blogger. The Organizer invites the Participants to make a report or a festive blog about the celebration of Orthodox winter holidays by a religious community, Sunday school or their individual members:

– How Christmas and other winter Orthodox holidays are celebrated in your church or locality. Features and traditions of celebration.

– What events are held on the basis of your church during these holidays.

– A report from a Sunday school performance or a festive worship service.

– Report on pilgrimages, carols, charity events.

– A Sunday school lesson dedicated to one of the winter holidays.

2.3. A Sunday school, rather than its individual representatives, is considered the participant of the Contest.

2.4. The Organizer accepts only one video from one Sunday school.

2.5. To participate in the contest program, Participants need to make a video on the topic of the Contest in compliance with the specified requirements and fill out an online application on the Organizer’s website: https://www.bf-favor.org/

2.6. To participate in the Contest, a video can be submitted only once. If it is submitted again next year, the Organizer has the right to keep it out of the contest program.

2.7. Videos containing commercial or political adverts are not allowed to participate in the Contest.

2.8. If the video was selected for the competition program, the Organizer has the right to use its episodes or the entire video for its promotion and the promotion of the Contest itself.

2.9. The winners of the Contest are determined by the expert jury (hereinafter – the Jury).

2.10. The Jury determines three winners in the following nominations:

– “The best holiday report/blog” – for disclosing the theme of the Contest, traditionalism, missionary work;

– “Creative” – for originality, creativity and creative vision;

– “Audience Award” – for the video scoring the highest number of likes. 

The winner is elected by the largest number of likes under the video posted on the Organizer’s YouTube channel.

2.11. The Internet audience determines the winner of the audience award.

3.1. A mandatory application form for the Contest Participants must be filled in on the Organizer’s website: https://www.bf-favor.org

3.2. The video must be sent to the Organizer’s email address – email@bf-favor.org

3.3 The video sent for participation in the Contest must have a title and a short synopsis of the plot for its presentation on the Organizer’s YouTube channel.

3.4 Videos that are not included in the contest program but match the theme of the Contest may be published on the Organizer’s YouTube channel outside the Contest at the request of the Sunday school.

4.1. The authors of the video plot must be students and pupils of a Sunday school.

4.2. The video must include: a view of the temple, Sunday school students, the rector of the temple.

4.3. The Participants must comply with the requirements of this Contest.

4.4. Participation in the Contest means that the Participant has read these Rules and agrees to their terms.

5.1. Video timing should not exceed 3 (three) minutes.

5.2. It should have good image and sound quality.

5.3. Photos in a video sequence should not exceed 1 (one) minute of timing.

5.4. The video can be filmed on any video device, but it is desirable that the entire video be shot on only one type of a video device.

5.5. Submitted videos are evaluated according to the following criteria:

– compliance of the video with the theme of the Contest and its disclosure;

– originality of the video feed, interesting scenic moves, unusual plot;

– directing and camera work;

– video editing skills and musical design of the video;

– script;

– acting work.

5.6. The video has to match the stated format – a video blog or reportage.

5.7. The video should be relative to the topic of the Contest.

6.1. The Contest takes place in two stages:

I stage of the Contest from December 19, 2020 to February 1, 2021 — accepting applications and videos for participation in the Contest.

II stage of the Contest from February 1 to 7, 2021 — the working hours of the Jury, determination of the Contest Winners.

6.2. Videos sent after February 1, 2021 will not participate in the Contest.

6.3. The results of the Contest will be published on February 8, 2021 on the Organizer’s website.

6.4. The videos of the Contest winners’ will be awarded with prizes.

6.5. The prize fund of the Contest is three video cameras.

6.6. All Sunday schools whose works were admitted to the contest program will receive a diploma of the participant.

6.7. During stage II of the Contest, the Jury evaluates the videos of the Participants using a 10-point scale according to the criteria specified in paragraph 5. The evaluation results are recorded in the Protocol of the Contest’s Jury Member.

6.8. The Contest Winners are the Participants who score the highest number of points.

6.9. The results of determining the winners of the Contest who will receive the charitable assistance shall be deemed final and not subject to appeal.

6.10. It is not possible to receive a cash equivalent of the charitable assistance.

6.11. By participating in the Contest, each Participant thereby confirms that he/she has read the rules of the Contest and agrees to their terms and conditions, and also gives his/her consent to the processing/use of his/her personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Personal Data Protection dated June 1, 2010, No. 2297-VI.

6.12. During the Contest or after its completion, the Organizer is not obliged to correspond with the Participants and give explanations in oral or written form on issues related to the terms and conditions of the Contest, determination of the Winners of the Contest or any other similar issues in this Contest.

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