Fleeing the war with nothing, in slippers and a dressing gown: stories that cannot be forgotten (+VIDEO)

War destroys, separates, brings death and continual danger, disrupts the usual peaceful rhythm of life with its terrible consequences. However, those who experienced all the horrors of war also encountered its other side. A war that gets acquainted, brings closer and unites.

The war intertwined not only Ukrainians, but also fraternal Orthodox nations. Thus, our volunteers have once again brought a humanitarian cargo for the needy in Ukraine from the ELEOS Polish Orthodox Metropolitan Charitable Fund, which operates with the support of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA).

Thanks to this help, 200 families of forced IDPs in Kyiv and Odesa felt our support! The life stories of the retired, the disabled and large families who fled the war with almost nothing, leaving their warm homes, and now trying to survive in a new place, are impressive and moving to tears. Judge for yourself by watching the video…

One thing is clear – it is very difficult for these people to survive without our emotional support and material help and love. Let’s not leave them alone with their troubles, but unite even stronger and continue to help! Because love always wins!

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