Gift-laden “SLEDGE” comes to disabled children from Ladyzhyn boarding house

Located 8 km from Ladyzhyn in a forest area, there is an orphanage-boarding house, which provides permanent residence to children aged 4 to 18 and boys aged 18 to 35 with profound mental retardation, who cannot move and take care of themselves.

Most of them are incurable, but each of us should probably learn their ability to enjoy life. Kind and open-hearted, children live as one family, taking care of and helping each other. They are always happy to meet new people and look forward to welcoming guests.

As part of the “SAINT NICHOLAS’ SLEDGE” campaign, we bought and donated diapers, personal hygiene items, household chemicals, stationery and sweets for children from the Ladyzhyn boarding house for the New Year holidays.

Children live now, and their lives cannot be postponed for later. Let’s therefore give them opportunities to feel needed more often!

Join the “St. Nicholas’ Sledge” journey with us:

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