Humanitarian journey of “Favorites” to Poland, or “packages of brotherly love” are delivered to the right addresses in Stara Ushytsia! Part VIII.

The war in Ukraine compels people to leave their homes. Fleeing from the horrors of war, people look for safer places and travel thousands of kilometers in order not to hear the explosions and feel safe at least for a while. The town of Stara Ushytsia in Khmelnytskyi region, like many other towns of Ukraine, received 458 IDPs, including 165 children. These are mostly residents of Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Luhansk and Mykolaiv regions.

When receiving food packages, people expressed sincere thanks to everyone engaged in a good cause. From our side, we once again express our huge gratitude to Fr. Dorofei Sawycki and the ELEOS Orthodox Metropolitan Charitable Foundation, which operates with the assistance of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church in America (OCA), for the support of the people of Ukraine. May the Lord reward you a hundredfold for your concern and mercy!

We are also very grateful to Anatoly Tymchuk, the head of the Stara Ushytsia township council, for his cooperation!

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