IDPs in Odesa region need our help!

People from Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, who fled from the constant shelling and bombardment and ended up in the village of Markevycheve in Odesa region, need our help!

They hurriedly left their own homes, barely having time to grab their documents and a package with the necessary things. Perhaps they would never have asked for help and would not have found themselves in a village on the Black Sea coast, if not for the terrible word “war”. And now, hundreds of kilometers away from their relatives, and for some – already destroyed homes, they found their temporary shelter in Odesa region.

50 IDP families need foodstuff, personal hygiene products, household chemicals, baby food, diapers and other essentials. 

Let’s not leave the needy alone with their misfortune and help the internally displaced persons in the village of Markevycheve of Konopliane rural community in Berezivka district of Odesa region!

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