In the New Year with good deeds: we continue to feed people!

Hot food is a necessary condition for survival in the cold season!

The mobile point at the St. Cyril’s Monastery at the Kyiv City Psychiatric Hospital No. 1 named after I. Pavlov assists at least 100 people by providing them hot food daily. It especially concerns those in need of social support due to an extremely low standard of living or in connection with the loss of housing.

For our part, we help the hot food point! Again, we have purchased and delivered foodstuffs to the refectory so that needy hospital patients, elderly people, disabled and homeless persons could have a comprehensive lunch every day: the menu consists of the first course – a bowl of hot soup, the second course, bread and tea, served with pastries.

If needy people are exposed to the cold without hot food, they can simply die on the streets of the city. So let’s give them warmth and a hot meal down the road! Join in and help with us:

Privatbank card of the foundation: 5169 3305 3004 744

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