Invincible in goodness. People of Kharkiv, we are with you!

It is important to live every day as if it were your last day of life, working with ease and honesty, showing love to your neighbor. This is exactly what the Kharkiv volunteers do, showing their daily care for the elderly and the disabled, who are barely surviving on retirement and are very happy even about having a piece of bread. Boys and girls feed and support them, bringing not only food, but most importantly – care, smile and warmth to everyone.

Together with you, dear friends, we managed to hold the BRIGHT DAYS FOR GOOD DEEDS charity marathon and support dedicated Kharkiv activists!

“HUGE GRATITUDE AND LOW BOW for your help and support! Due to the situation in our country, we do not know what will happen tomorrow. And you gave us two 12-liter thermoses, two 50-liter and 25-liter containers for the second course, and an 80-liter water tank. With them, we can now feed more people in need!!! Kharkiv volunteers convey their words of gratitude – “THANK YOU!”

Humans are so arranged that they become truly happy only by giving. Therefore, let’s continue, our friends, to show kindness, which means to change the world for the better!

Once again, thank you all for supporting our initiatives!

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