Kharkiv is preparing for winter: cauldrons are needed!

Kharkiv is regularly exposed to artillery and mortar attacks that kill people and damage infrastructure. Nevertheless, despite everything, Kharkiv residents who remained in the city are trying to help each other. Now they are preparing for the cold weather.

Volunteers of the Panteleimon church of the UOC take care of local residents living in the affected areas. These are mainly people with limited mobility, lonely pensioners, the disabled and those who need help because of various difficulties caused by the war.

The approaching winter threatens Ukrainians with a real catastrophe – all mass media are talking about it today. Kharkiv residents hope for the best, but are getting ready for the worst – they may face the winter without electricity and gas. In this case, they will have to cook in the street on bricks. There is hence a NEED TO BUY TWO 25-LITER CAULDRONS.

“There is war in the country. And there is almost winter outside the window. We have no other way out. We must be prepared for any circumstances!” volunteers say.

Let’s take care of the Kharkiv citizens together and help volunteers to buy cauldrons for those in need to be able to cook!

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