Kharkiv residents need our help!

Kharkiv. The city is still front-line and regularly exposed to rocket and artillery fire. At the same time, it remains the city, in which people live, some even in basements and subways, because their homes were destroyed. The remaining residents try to maintain life in the city and help each other. Thus, the parishioners of the Panteleimon church of the UOC take care of local residents living in the affected areas, help pensioners, disabled people, homeless people and displaced persons in city hospitals.

Whenever possible, volunteers of the Panteleimon community provide assistance, such as food, personal care items, medicines, and deliver hot meals to those in need. Unfortunately, with every month of volunteer work, the resources of the community are dwindling. In turn, people in the affected neighborhoods can only count on the help of volunteers. Many have lost their jobs and cannot buy food just because they are penniless. Therefore, we shouldn’t stand aside! Let’s pool our efforts and let Kharkiv residents feel our care!

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