Kharkiv: the fight for life continues

Despite shelling and problems with electricity and water supply, Kharkiv volunteers continue their work of feeding the needy. In turn, we continue to help them.

The other day, 250 loaves of bread, 50 kg of potatoes, 15 kg of onions, 12 kg of carrots, 30 cans of stew, 20 kg of wheat groats, 8 kg of peas, 8 kg of rice, 8 liters of oil, 10 kg of sugar, 5 kg of salt, 5 kg of tea and seasoning were delivered to Kharkiv. In addition, thanks to the food storage containers we bought for them earlier, 200 needy people can now receive hot lunches.

Caring residents of Kharkiv prepare food for their wards at home. And then twice a week, they organize 2 hot food points so that old, lonely, homeless residents of Kharkiv can get a hot complex lunch and hear a good word.

At the same time, the boys and girls do not forget about the abandoned and bedridden people who cannot come to the mobile canteens on their own. Kharkiv activists deliver food, and most importantly, care, smiles and warmth to their homes.

“Be kinder than is customary, because everyone has their own war, battles and losses, Saint Luke taught. “Live simply, love generously, understand the needs of others carefully, speak softly… And give the rest to the Lord. It is love, not faith, not dogmatism, not mysticism, not asceticism, not fasting, not long prayers that makes the true appearance of a Christian. Everything loses its sense if there is no main thing – love for a person.”

Let us also try to do exactly as St. Luke advises us – share our care, warmth and love with those who need it most right now. Join us:

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