Love wins when we overcome our own indifference: 200 displaced families receive help in Kyiv. (+VIDEO)

Internally displaced persons. They are all so different. Everyone has their own life story, but they all share one common pain – they were forced to leave their native homes because of the war and move to safer settlements in Ukraine.

The number of internally displaced people in Kyiv is growing every day. According to the latest information from the KCSA, more than 145,000 people have already found temporary shelter in the capital. And we have to support them, extend a helping hand as much as it is possible for us.

As part of the LOVE WINS humanitarian mission, volunteers of the Favor Foundation and the NASHA LEPTA (Our Contribution – Trans. Note) charity project handed over food packs to 200 large families, disabled people, pensioners, and internally displaced persons in Kyiv from the ELEOS Polish Orthodox Metropolitan Charitable Foundation, which operates with support of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church in America (OCA). See how it all happened in our story.

A low bow and sincere thanks to Archpriest Dorofei Sawycki and the ELEOS Orthodox Metropolitan Charitable Foundation for their responsiveness and concern for the difficult fate of IDPs of Ukraine!

We express our gratitude to the head of the Nasha Lepta charity project, Archpriest Volodymyr Kostochka, and all the volunteers for their cooperation!

We are particularly grateful to the Pershy Kozatsky (First Cossack YouTube channel – Trans.) for the cooperation and filming especially for the Favor foundation, as well as for the media support of the Love Wins mission.

Love wins when we overcome our own indifference. Support the Love Wins mission, because it supports those who need our help the most!

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