Mission “Love Wins”

Our main purpose today is to help people
displaced from warfare zone in Ukraine.

The all-Ukrainian mission of helping victims of armed conflict “Love Wins”

The Tabor Charitable Foundation and volunteers of the social union “Laity” have united their efforts in providing direct assistance to displaced, diseased, disabled, lonely people, to families having many children and all the needy who became victims of warfare and lost their relatives, their homes and jobs.

THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE MISSION is to provide victims of warfare with food and medicine, to help them survive during this hard period before they can return to normal peaceful life.

THE MISSION’S WORK is focused on three sectors:

  1. Organizing  hot food distribution points
  2. Supplying displaced people with weekly food parcels
  3. Providing necessary medicines

All the accounts on the Mission’s work are available on the Mission’s site.

In order to give assistance to our compatriots we are open for cooperation with any charity fund or organization, with anyone who is ready to support Ukrainian people.


Help us in collecting information

Help us in collecting information about the most affected by military conflict and needy people in your community. Contact us concerning any kind of humanitarian aid:  +38 (050) 139 90 74 Monday-Friday 9.00-18.00. Email us: email@br-favor.org

Share the information

Share the information about the work of the Mission “Love Wins” in social networks. It is very important for us!

Donate to the Mission

Let love win!

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