The fed understand the hungry: a mobile food point at Lisovyi housing estate in Kyiv

Mobile refectories operate in various corners of Kyiv, and today we report from one of them – from the Lisovyi housing estate.

We recently purchased and delivered stew, sardines, pearl barley and wheat groats, pasta, peas, oil, salt, flour, sugar, tomato paste, canned green peas and beans, vinegar and tea to the hot meal point so that homeless, lonely elderly people, the disabled, forced migrants and all those in need of support could regularly receive hot meals.

They rush to the food distribution site, because they know that here they will receive not only a tasty nutritious lunch, but also a good word and a sense of confidence in the future.

Friends, looking at poor people, we understand that they come to the open-air refectory not from good life. We do not know what exactly happened in the life of each of them. But we are sure they need food today and every day. A bowl of pearl porridge with stew – is it so much? For us – no, for them – it is hope for survival!!!

Let’s continue to be empathetic to those around us and open our hearts more often to help them.

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