The food here is always delicious and people are friendly! Resurrection hot meal point

In the new year, we continue to support the hot food point on the territory of the Resurrection Cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Kyiv – we’ve handed over food products for the preparation of delicious warm lunches for homeless people and citizens who ended up in difficult life circumstances.

Someone has been coming here for years, someone came from another city and has no friends in Kyiv to feed and shelter them; someone is left alone with old age and cannot live on a meager pension; for someone this lunch is the only warm meal of the day.

One could hear many difficult stories here, but no one asks diners about what happened to them and why they came to the mobile dining room; no one demands money for food, but always ready to listen and support.

“The food here is always delicious and the people are friendly. We thank them for taking care of us!” says one elderly woman who came for lunch.

Life gives no guarantees. However, as long as we live, we need to learn a number of things: love and humility, faith and gratitude, joy and charity. Let’s hurry up to offer a daily warm lunch to those who need it due to their life circumstances.

Anyone can support the charity refectory on the premises of the Resurrection Cathedral:

Privatbank card: 5169 3305 3004 7445

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