Your help is another day of their life!!!

We know that the pockets of many are empty for now, but we will keep reaching out to you with an outstretched hand. Because there are no breaks in the war, the needy do not decrease, the elderly and disabled do not stop starving, the homeless do not stop freezing, and there is still a shortage of humanitarian aid to meet everyone’s needs. As the cold season is approaching, this snowball is only gaining momentum.

In addition, we, the Favor charitable foundation, have been directing all our efforts to support the war-affected civilian population of Ukraine since the first days of the warfare. Furthermore, we will continue to do so, not until we run out of money, but until all of them – internally displaced persons, sick, disabled, and lonely people, large families and all the needy who experienced the horrors of war, lost relatives, housing and work, will be able to return to a normal peaceful life.

So LET’S DO GOOD DEEDS together! The people of Kharkiv need our emergency help right now.

Every hryvnia is important! This is another piece of bread, another bowl of hot soup, another day of their life!!! Another warmth-filled day for the old, lonely, abandoned, bedridden, without a permanent place of residence.

You can give them a helping hand and support in this difficult time on the website of our foundation. Press the HELP button!

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