А “chance” of recovery for refugee children

Dear friends, if we combine our efforts, children who have become unwitting victims of the war in Ukraine will be able to undergo a course of psychological rehabilitation at the Chance health camp!

Armed conflict causes not only physical injuries, but also mental ones, often even more dangerous. A child who has experienced a traumatic event cannot see life prospects (does not know what will happen to him/her in a day, month, year; loses interest in the activities that were previously attractive to him/her). For a child, an experienced event can cause a stop in personal development.

Within the framework of the project “Children should be happy” psychologists in the Chance camp are able to reveal the child’s hidden fears and anxieties, to provide timely assistance and give recommendations to parents on how to work with a child who has suffered psychological stress.

The 14-day rehabilitation program includes:

– supervision and psychological assistance;

– attention and care of experienced teachers;

– various outdoor activities;

– only healthy food and life in an ecologically clean corner of nature;

– game psychotherapy, art therapy, the work of animators and team games.

We believe children should be happy! Let’s give them a chance for a happy future!

Project link: https://www.bf-favor.org/en/donations/children-should-be-happy-project/

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