Another UAH 100,000 transferred for rehabilitation of war children

In August, the CHANCE recreation and rehabilitation camp hosted 75 children free of charge! Basically, these are children from internally displaced families, who found shelter from the war in the Khmelnytsky region, as well as children from large and low-income families. All of them will be able to immerse themselves in a real happy childhood, enjoy the picturesque nature of Bakota and socialize with their peers.

For two weeks, the children will be receiving professional psychological assistance, aimed at revealing hidden children’s fears and anxieties. Specialists will help them to overcome the war-related stress and trauma.

To support the work of the psychological rehabilitation program in August, the Favor Foundation transferred UAH 100,000! In total, UAH 200,000 was allocated to the rehabilitation program this summer.

Thanks to everyone who joined the fundraising and supported the work of the CHANCE camp team during this difficult time. Everyone who gave the children a true gift during the war – summer holidays.

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