Assistance to the Cyril’s hot food point in Kyiv continues!

On the eve of the New Year, we continue to support those who every day dream not of gifts, but of a hot meal, and come for a bowl of hot soup to the food point at the St. Cyril’s Monastery at Kyiv City Psychiatric Hospital No. 1 named after I. Pavlov!

The other day we bought and delivered to the refectory 400 kg of sugar, 250 kg of flour, 200 kg of salt, 100 l of sunflower oil, 80 kg of corn, 80 kg of wheat and 80 pearl groats, 80 kg of millet, 98 kg of pasta, 80 kg of dry peas, 96 b of canned beans, 96 b of canned peas, 96 b of canned fish, 72 l of vinegar, 48 l of tomato paste, 10 kg of tea, so that 100 needy hospital patients, pensioners, homeless people and people with disabilities would have the opportunity to receive a hot lunch every day until the New Year.

“People wait for us every day, and as soon as the air is filled with the home cooking smell, they line up in a matter of minutes. Having eaten hot food, the needy do not hide their emotions – they sincerely thank and smile. For many of them, this is the only opportunity to have something to eat during the day,” the volunteers say.

Dear friends, no matter how hard it is for us, there are always those whose lives are even harder. Let’s remember this and support them together:

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