Bread is the staff of life and a valuable help in times of need!

500 loaves of bread were given to the needy in Kyiv and Kharkiv!

This assistance was made possible thanks to the fruitful cooperation of the Favor Foundation with the Orthodox community of the St. Elijah UOC Church of Pershotravenka village of the Kamyanske Eparchy, headed by priest Oleksandr Liutenko, the Obolon district organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, and the CF Cossack Legion.

The price of bread in peaceful life is measured in money: you can go and buy any bread, fresh and tasty, whenever you want it or when you run out of it. Instead, the price of bread in wartime is measured by hours in line for bread or days without it…

Hence, let’s continue to do good deeds together so that every Ukrainian could enjoy bread on the table every day! For this to happen, click on the Help button on our website.

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