Fundraiser for purchase of mattresses for children’s hospital beds

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Fundraiser for purchase of mattresses for children's hospital beds

We are undertaking to fulfill another dream of the doctors of the children’s department for intensive and efferent therapy of chronic intoxications of the OKHMATDYT hospital. With care for their little patients, doctors and nurses are asking for assistance in purchasing new mattresses for hospital beds. Most of the mattresses on the beds are damaged and unusable. There is a need in a total of 26 new mattresses.

Each of us knows how difficult it is to lie in an uncomfortable place for a long time. However, it is multiple times more difficult and inconvenient for a sick child, who has to sleep on such beds for months, and some patients for years. It is not hard to imagine what negative consequences this can lead to: deterioration of posture and scoliosis alongside more complex problems of the musculoskeletal system.

There are children aged from 0 to 18 with very serious kidney diseases in the hemodialysis department. Someone’s kidneys do not work from birth, someone else’s kidneys failed after illness or poisoning. Many of these children are placed in the ward for several years – they are tied to the hospital by the need to be connected to an artificial kidney machine three times a week, the procedure lasting nearly eight hours. And all this just to live!

Let children enjoy sweet dreams and rest on comfortable mattresses.
Let’s make their dream come true!

VIDEO: OKHMATDYT little patients with chronic kidney failure receive new hemodialysis beds from the Favor Foundation!

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