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We are glad to announce that small patients of the OKHMATDYT Hospital with chronic renal failure received new beds for hemodialysis from the Favor Foundation!

In the department, there are children aged from 0 to 18 with very serious “breakdowns” of the body’s filtering system – kidney disease. Someone’s kidneys do not work from birth, someone else’s kidneys failed after illness or poisoning. Many of these children are in the department for several years – they are tied to the hospital by the need to be connected to an artificial kidney machine three times a week, the procedure lasting nearly eight hours. And all this just to live! It means to depend on everything: on the quality of drugs, on the level of water purification, on the mood of the doctor, on the queue for the procedure, on the time of day, as well as on the comfort of the bed.

Renal replacement therapy is relevant and will be relevant for many years to come. Every year, there are 100-200 people in need of hemodialysis per 1 million people in the world. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, only 140 patients out of a million can receive such treatment, also due to the lack of a sufficient number of specialized beds.

“All our children have complex diagnoses, they must be on hemodialysis three times a week from 4 to 6 hours. It is very difficult to lie on an uncomfortable couch, so we are very grateful for such help! And our children are very grateful!” Olha Babicheva, Head of the Department of Intensive and Efferent Therapy of Chronic Intoxications at the OKHMATDYT Hospital.

“A low bow to all philanthropists who donate to projects to help sick children in such a difficult wartime!” Oleksandr Sorokin, head of the Favor Charitable Foundation.

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