The “100 New Windows” project: assistance to the Chernihiv Hospital

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€ 2 737


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The Favor Charitable Foundation purchases windows for Chernihiv regional hospital

In March 2022, the Chernihiv Central Regional Hospital was at the very epicenter of hostilities, being exposed to rocket and bomb attacks. As a result, the buildings and infrastructure of the institution were damaged or destroyed, almost all the windows were smashed out by the blast wave. Despite this fact, from the beginning of the siege of the city, doctors and medical staff did not stop their work and continued to provide emergency medical care to all the injured, sick and wounded military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In order for the hospital to resume operations in full in the premises adapted for this, the Favor charitable foundation purchased metal-plastic windows for the intensive care units and the operating unit.

VIDEO: about the doctors and medical staff of the Chernihiv hospital, who for forty days, along with patients and wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, were under fire, saved and gave lives. Interviews and memories of the doctors about the days of the siege. And also, about the installed new windows, thanks to which the intensive care unit restored its work and began to receive patients.

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