Even climbimg up is good if together, or how Favor and Nasha Lepta joined efforts to help IDPS in Kyiv

Neither the kilometers between Warsaw and Kyiv nor the rain on the day of the delivery of humanitarian aid prevented us from doing a good deed!

As part of the LOVE WINS humanitarian mission, volunteers of the Favor Foundation together with volunteers of the NASHA LEPTA (Our Contribution – Trans. Note) charity project handed over food packs to 200 large families, disabled people, pensioners, and internally displaced persons in Kyiv from the ELEOS Polish Orthodox Metropolitan Charitable Foundation, which acts with the assistance of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church in America (OCA) and once again helps the needy in Ukraine.

Receiving food packs, which included buckwheat, semolina, pasta, rice, oil, canned meat and fish, tea/coffee, jam, sweets, household chemicals, as well as baby food and diapers for families with babies, people were sincerely thankful to everyone engaged in the good cause and told their stories.

From our side, we express our huge gratitude to Fr. Dorofei Sawycki and the ELEOS Orthodox Metropolitan Charitable Foundation for their care and mercy towards the people of Ukraine. May the Lord repay you a hundredfold for your good heart!

We thank the head of the Nasha Lepta charity project Archpriest Volodymyr Kostochka and all the volunteers for their cooperation!

Good deeds know no obstacles! We can do more if we’re together! Don’t stay aside, but join the Love Wins humanitarian mission and help with us!

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