Favor + ELEOS = housing for 200 displaced persons in Kyiv

Over the weekend, as part of the LOVE WINS humanitarian mission, we once again distributed 200 food packs to the displaced people in Kyiv! Traditionally, the humanitarian aid that our volunteers brought from Warsaw from the ELEOS Orthodox Metropolitan Charitable Fund, which operates with the support of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) went to, first of all, pensioners and people with disabilities, as well as large families.

In addition, the volunteers of the Nasha Lepta charity project helped us as usual. Thank you, Father Volodymyr, and all the volunteers for your cooperation!

Receiving food packages, which included pasta, buckwheat, oil, canned meat and fish, coffee, jam, people sincerely thanked everyone involved in the good cause and told their stories. About how they did not want to leave their native homes until the last, how they hurriedly packed things, how they left under explosions and heavy shelling. About how difficult it is to start everything “from scratch” in a new place, to look for housing and work. About how they survive thanks to volunteers, foundations and humanitarian aid… They are all so different, but they are united by one common dream, which they talk about with tears in their eyes: everyone wants a peaceful sky above their heads and to return home as soon as possible!

See how it all happened in the photo album and join the Love Wins humanitarian mission on the website!

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