Hot lunches for those in need in Kyiv (+VIDEO)

Every day, near the tent, not far from the St. Cyril Monastery at the Kyiv City Psychiatric Hospital No. 1 named after I. Pavlov, there is a line for hot meals. For many years, people in need – mostly homeless people, pensioners, and, more recently, internally displaced persons, have come here in the hope of eating at least once a day. 80 meals are prepared for them daily.

The work of the food point began with sandwiches, and now they are preparing full-fledged complex lunches. There is always hot soup or borshch for the first course, with mandatory second courses and compote. Those in need come here hoping not only to get hot food, but also to hear a kind word. They are sure to receive attention, care and support here.

The Favor Foundation regularly provides products for the sustainable work of the hot food distribution point. However, as there is a growing number of those in need of food, there is an increase in the aid, respectively. We need to buy more foodstuffs.

A good deed is a boomerang, which always returns to the one who sends it into the universe. Let’s continue to support the work of the hot food service, which provides nutrition to those unable to take care of themselves. Let’s make sure we can offer them a bowl of hot soup.

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