Humanitarian journey of “Favorites” to Poland, or how orthodox poles help ukrainians. Part I. (+VIDEO)

The Orthodox community of Poland has been active in helping Ukraine since the first days of the war, because it understands very well what a hard time the Orthodox brothers from Ukraine are experiencing. War is the greatest tragedy of society and the worst cruelty that a human is capable of. Nevertheless, thank God, we Ukrainians are not alone in our tragedy. Orthodox Poles are doing their best to support us in every possible way.

“We know that it is better to give than to take, it is better to support a brother in a difficult moment than to need help yourself. May the Lord bless you with peace, so that the war ends as soon as possible, and you all return to your homes and meet your loved ones there!” Archpriest Dorofei Sawycki, Director of the ELEOS Orthodox Metropolitan Charitable Foundation, which operates with the assistance of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church in America (OCA).

Thus, the Polish Orthodox Church, with the support of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church in America (OCA), delivered another humanitarian cargo to Ukraine. The Favor Ukrainian Charitable Foundation is engaged in the delivery of the “cargo of brotherly love and care”. Thanks to our friendly relations with the Eleos Polish Charitable Foundation, the needy who remained in Ukraine will receive help from their Orthodox brothers from Poland. The humanitarian cargo mainly includes long-term foods, hygiene products and medicines.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you, our Polish Orthodox brothers, for your understanding, good-heartedness, sensitivity, sincerity and support!

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