IDPs in Odesa region receive help from Favor Foundation!

…Dear friends, owing to your support, 20 IDP families from the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, who ended up in the village of Markevycheve of the Konopliane rural community in the Berezivka district of the Odesa region, felt our support!

The Favor Foundation delivered food packs, which included buckwheat, semolina, pasta, rice, oil, canned meat and fish, tea/coffee, jam, sweets, household chemicals to Odesa region, which reached their destination thanks to the local volunteers.

Unfortunately, the war is going on in the country, and the number of people from the affected regions who need help is increasing. We are not able to ensure that people have their homes back, but we are capable of hugging them with all our hearts, sharing food with them and organizing a hot lunch for them. So, let’s do everything in our power to quench, at least a little bit, the longing of internally displaced people for their lost, familiar life.

You can join us on the foundation’s website!

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