Kharkiv, hold on! Assistance to the hot food point

In Kharkiv, as in many settlements of Ukraine that fully experienced the horrors of war, there are still many people who lack not only food, but also, for example, gas or money to pay for electricity. There are people who are physically unable to cook for themselves – the disabled, there are elderly people with a very small pension, and there are large families. There are those who remained without a breadwinner or lost their jobs because of the war.

Volunteers try to help such people: they organize hot meal outlets, deliver food to homes, show care for the needy in every possible way.

We have purchased and delivered foodstuffs to one of these points, the Holy Assumption Cathedral of the UOC, for preparing hot dinners: 125 fish cans, 60 kg of salt, 49 packages of pasta, 42 packs of cookies, 30 bottles of oil, 24 cans of green peas, 24 jars of squash paste, 24 jars of tomato paste, 12 cans of corn, 7 bottles of vinegar, 2 kg of eggplant and carrots in Korean style, 1 kg of pickled champignons, 1000 black tea bags.

Every day, when the mobile refectory is open, lonely elderly people, homeless and disabled people, mothers with many children gather on the premises of the Assumption Cathedral. For many of them, a hot lunch is the only opportunity to eat themselves or feed the children at least once a day. The Sisters of Mercy offer help and support to all who come here, treating everyone with great respect.

In such difficult times, we as Christians must not stand aside. It is not necessary to hold a machine gun in your hands to bring victory in the war closer. Feeding the needy, helping them survive is a wonderful opportunity to show humanity and love for God. Join in!

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