Kharkiv people felt our care!

The Favor Foundation purchased and donated flour, sugar, peas, eggs, butter, canned meat, tea, sweets and biscuits for pensioners, the disabled, the homeless, who continue to live in Kharkiv under daily shelling.

They are supported by volunteers of the Panteleimon community of the UOC, who formed food packages from the purchased products and delivered them to the homes of those in need. Some of the Kharkiv residents live in basements today, because their houses were destroyed during airstrikes. The parishioners also brought tasty lunches to the patients without any relatives in the Kharkiv City Clinical Hospitals No. 25 and No. 4. For them, they prepared hot dishes, pancakes with cottage cheese, sweets, cookies for tea, as well as personal care products.

“Many thanks to the Favor Foundation and all benefactors from the Kharkiv citizens! A low bow to you for responding to other people’s requests! May God save you!” wrote the parishioners of the St. Panteleimon church in Kharkiv.

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