Kyiv. Assistance to the hot food point at the Resurrection Cathedral

With the beginning of the war, a hot food point for needy people who ended up in a difficult financial situation, for those who have no sources of income, supplies, as well as those affected by hostilities, opened on the territory of the Cathedral in honor of the Resurrection of Christ UOC in Kyiv.

Ordinary people who are not indifferent to the plight of others bring food, leftovers, preserves, so that volunteers can prepare a hot lunch for 100 people daily.

As part of the “Love Wins” mission, we also handed over 100 kg of salt, 96 cans of fish, 96 cans of corn, 50 kg of sunflower oil, 50 kg of pasta, 40 kg of corn grits, 40 kg of peas, 40 kg of pearl barley, 40 kg of millet, 40 kg of wheat groats, 24 liters of canned beans, 24 liters of canned green peas, 24 liters of tomato paste, 24 liters of vinegar. We want as many elderly, disabled, homeless, displaced, needy people as possible to enjoy a portion of hot food every day.

Sympathy can assume different forms – listening, saying words from the heart, providing support, feeding. That’s how it all happens in the mobile refectory room on the territory of the cathedral. There is a yellow chapel in honor of Saint Yaroslav the Wise near the entrance to the territory. Hot lunches are served right next to the chapel on weekdays around 1:00 p.m. People gather here not only to eat, for many of them it is perhaps the only opportunity so far to feel needed by someone. Every good word for them is like a sip of water in the desert, like a ray in the darkness. The hot food point has become for them a space where they can simply chat and get invigorated to continue living and handle their situation.

Let’s be more sensitive to the people around us, especially if these people turn to us for help. Let’s listen, sympathize, say a kind word, feed – do good deeds together. Join in!

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