“Love wins” in Dnipro: hot lunches are to be!

For many people, the winter season is long-awaited, but not for the homeless, terminally ill, lonely, displaced persons and all those who come for a meal at the hot food point near the Holy Assumption Cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Dnipro.

We continue to support the needy. As part of the “Love Wins” mission, 1,500 kg of sugar, 625 kg of flour, 375 kg of bulgur, 120 kg of sardines, 48 kg of stew, 150 kg of apples, 100 kg of carrots, 100 kg of beets, 100 kg of cabbage, 100 kg of onions, 75 kg of pasta, 30 kg of salt, 25 kg of rice, 25 kg of oat flakes, 25 kg of millet, 25 kg of beans, 20 ltrs of sunflower oil, 48 g of canned beans, 24 g of green peas, 24 g of canned corn, 18 kg of wheat cereals, 17 kg of lentils, 15 kg of buckwheat, 12 ltrs of tomato paste, 140 kg of cookies, 10 kg of tea, 5 kg of lemons, bay leaf, black pepper were purchased and delivered to the refectory.

Again cooks and volunteers are on their feet from 7 a.m. preparing food for the needy. Closer to noon, homeless women flock to the feeding point; elderly people, forced migrants from all four corners of the world, each with their own history and life difficulties, are literally attracted to the point like a magnet. But people do not stop being people because they are less socially protected – they all need care, they all want to eat, they all just want to survive this difficult winter period.

Winter has come, but the love in our heart is not coated with frost as the cold weather is setting on. Let’s be warmer to each other! Join us:

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