Mykolaiv. We support the hot food point!

Join the fundraiser – any amount of donation matters.

With the start of hostilities in Ukraine, there have been many more people in need of help: single pensioners, disabled people who cannot work, families with many children, and forced migrants who do not have the opportunity to fully provide for themselves and their families.

That is why, with your help, we are doing everything possible to support them.

There have been already purchased and delivered foods to the mobile canteen at the Saint Simeon Cathedral of the UOC in Mykolaiv for the preparation of complex hot meals: 500 kg of potatoes, 85 kg of sugar, 60 liter of oil, 54 kg of wheat groats, 40 kg of carrots, 30 kg of pasta, 25 kg of cabbage and 20 kg of beets.

However, we should not stop, but should vigorously work to maintain hot food points, where those who need food could be treated not only with a hot lunch, but also with a kind word!

Join the “Love Wins” mission project by helping hot food outlets and remember: there are no small contributions.

Privatbank card: 5169 3305 3004 7445

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