Prices in stores have soared, but we keep calm and continue to feed people!

Dear friends, thanks to your help, we continue to support those who come every day for a bowl of hot soup to the food point at the St. Cyril’s Monastery at the Kyiv City Psychiatric Hospital No. 1 named after I. Pavlov!

The other day we bought and delivered to the canteen 105 kg of salt, 100 kg of sugar, 50 liters of sunflower oil, 60 kg of corn and 60 kg of barley groats, 5 kg of butter, 4 kg of tea, so that 100 needy hospital patients, elderly people, homeless people and people with disabilities had the opportunity to get hot food on a daily basis.

We are infinitely grateful to those who are already with us, and invite everyone who cares to participate in the “Hot Meals for the Needy” project on our website.

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