We help Solomyanka food outlet: hot dinners for the needy are reality!

So why dinner?

Because this is a feature of this hot food outlet in Kyiv.

And despite shelling and problems with energy supply, about 200 people receive hot dinners every week: meat dishes, vegetable salads, apples, candies, sandwiches, sweet pastries and bread from our own bakery.

We believe that food is not a privilege, but a basic need for the normal functioning of the human body! Therefore, the refectory in Solomyanka was recently provided with everything necessary: ​​stew, canned goods, cereals, oil, pasta and many other essential foods.

Friends, join the good cause! Together we will be able to provide food to even more people who count on our support!

Privatbank card: 5169 3305 3004 7445

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