We visited kids in Vorzel with charitable help

Recently, we visited kids in Kyiv M. Horodetskyi City Children’s Home in Vorzel. We brought the children the necessary help: household chemicals, diapers and hygiene products.

We were sincerely impressed by the team that met us: a caring, amiable and friendly team being extremely fond of their wards.

Children from 2 months to 6 years old live here: orphaned children, children abandoned by their parents, and children with lesions of the central nervous system. These little ones, like no others, need our attention and support!

Bringing joy to the children’s eyes and smiles on their faces is exactly why we do it.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity and desire to help, you can do it via the Privatbank card: 5169 3305 3004 7445.

Saying goodbye to the kids, we wished each of them to be happy in the most important way – to find their parents because this is the most wonderful thing to happen in life.

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