Temples of Our Childhood

Храми нашого дитинства

The WINNERS of the First All-Ukrainian Children’s Video Contest “Temples of Our Childhood” became:

THE DRAMATURGY NOMINATION suggests disclosure of the theme of the contest, traditionalism, missionary work: the Temple of My Childhood video, Sunday School of St. John the Theologian church in Demydivka, Rivne Diocese of the UOC

The CREATIVE NOMINATION suggests creativity, a new look: the Polina Pavlivna changes her profession video, Sunday school of the Holy Dormition church of Kostiantynivka, Horlivka Diocese of the UOC

THE ORIGINALITY NOMINATION suggests sincerity, distinctiveness: The History of the All Saints Church video, Sunday school of the church of All Saints of Anadol village, Donetsk Diocese of the UOC.

THE AUDIENCE AWARD goes to: The Way of Goodness video, Sunday school of the Holy Intercession church of Petrodolynske village of the Odesa Diocese of the UOC. 1300 likes were given to this work by viewers. 


Three winners of the Contest will receive Lenovo laptops from the CF Favor, while the audience prize and a special prize from the staff of the foundation will be JBL Flip Bluetooth speakers.

All Sunday schools that sent their works will receive the Diploma of the Participant.

Temples of Our Childhood

All-Ukrainian Children's Video Contest for Sunday schools of the UOC


of the All-Ukrainian Children's Video Contest for Sunday schools of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church "Temples of Our Childhood"

The opening date of the contest: August 25, 2020.

Date of announcement of the contest results: October 6, 2020.

Video submission period: from August 25 to October 1, 2020.

Venue: Kyiv city

Organizer of the contest: CF Favor

Description of the contest: A video contest organized for students and teachers of children’s parochial Sunday schools of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

– promotion and diversification of the educational process in children’s Sunday schools;

– involvement of children in the parish life of their temples;

– spiritual enlightenment among peers through the story about their faith and their temple;

– distribution of videos as one of the means of children’s missionary work and preaching about the Church;

– identification and encouragement of young talents among Sunday school students.

2.1. Sunday school students, together with teachers and parents, are invited to release a short video about their church and its community, as well as about the work of their parochial Sunday school:

– What is unusual and interesting about their temple, what is its history or the history of the area where it is located?;

– Why do children love their church, what part do they take in its life?;

– What are the features of the educational process and teaching in their Sunday schools?

2.2. How to apply:

– Fill out the mandatory application form for participants on the Foundation’s website.

– The video should be sent to the CF Favor email address blagfond.favor@gmail.com by October 1, 2020 inclusive.

– The video sent for participation in the contest must have a title and a brief description of the plot for its presentation on the YouTube channel of the CF Favor.

– Videos sent after October 1, 2020 will not participate in the contest.

– The results of the contest will be published on October 6, 2020 on the CF Favor website, as well as on the foundation’s Facebook page.

– The authors of the video plot are children.

– The video must include: a view of the temple, Sunday school students, the rector of the temple.

– The video timing should not exceed 3 minutes.

4.1. The contest is held in two stages:

I stage of the contest from August 25 to October 1, 2020 – acceptance of applications and video works for participation in the contest.

II stage of the contest from October 1 to October 5, 2020 – the jury work time and determination of the winners.

October 6, 2020 – announcement of the winners.

4.2. The three best videos will be awarded prizes. The prize fund of the video contest “Temples of our childhood” is three laptops.

4.3. All videos submitted for participation in the contest will be posted on the YouTube channel of the CF Favor, as well as on the foundation’s Facebook page.

4.4. Video works will be evaluated by a professional jury.

4.5. When evaluating the video works, the jury members will also take into account the number of views and likes under each video.

4.6. The submitted videos are evaluated by the following criteria:

– compliance of the video with the theme of the contest “Temples of Our Childhood” and its disclosure;

– originality of the video feed – interesting scenic moves, unusual plot;

– compliance of the video with the above requirements.

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